Established in 2003, specializing in the delivery of business models and applications complemented by professionals with a collective experience of more than 170 years.

Steered proficiently by its all Filipino founders with a solid background in various fields such as Financials, Forecasting, Production, Distribution, Analytics, and Information Technology.

Brings to the fore its comprehensive and in-depth industry experience and expertise composed of 21 years in the delivery and support of Business Application solutions and 11 years in implementing and supporting Business Intelligence and Business Process Management.

Continuously blessed with a dynamic set of talented and dedicated manpower resources. Currently, it houses over 90 men and women with diverse experiences and skills. This diversity is channeled to the fullest through a culture of acceptance, encouraging openness to new ideas and innovation. All of which results to impeccable business output and customer service.

Pride in having a wide-range and excellent product portfolio which consists of our very own NOAH Gallery of Business Applications and its supplemental Analytics and Dashboard Solutions.

Guided by the quality credo of Accuracy, Controllership, Efficiency and Data Visibility. It strongly believes and commits to high-standards of delivering solutions and projects in accordance to its value proposition in terms of timeliness, budget and compliance.

Includes the delivery of solutions and projects to different industries having varied applications and platforms. We have been exposed to work with several Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Information Officers (CIO), Finance practitioners and Operations Managers. The delivery of our projects and solutions to local clients having diversified organizational structures, business processes and IT infrastructures have been expanded to select companies globally through our principals in North America.

To create a business environment based on high level of commitment and partnership

Customer Partnership – Anchored on collaboration and adaptability, FPTI's thrust is to nurture a long-standing business and shared achievement with its customers. The engagement methodologies ensures each customer's unique and changing business landscape is served with quality and reliability.

Employee Partnership – Each talent in FPTI is fostered mind, body, and soul with each opportunity of stability and well-being resulting into unparalleled global grade systems.

Vendor Partnership – FPTI conducts business with integrity. It promotes open and honest communications, flexibility in dealings, clarity in documentations, indulgent in responsibilities, and preserving in beneficial business.

Government Partnership – Advocating compliance, FPTI partners with the government by ensuring that its Business Applications are within the confines of the prevailing regulations of business practices.

Media Partnership – FPTI will continuously pursue truth and freedom by properly using the tools and practices of the various forms of obtainable media.